A new Brisbane bar made completely out of tinsel!

She’s the queen of tinsel, and you might know her best for her jackets made of just that. Rachel Burke, also known as Imakestagram, has revealed her latest sparkly venture… The Tinsel Bar!

And so from jackets to frocks, and her Bad Art Night sessions, it seemed a deli-by-day and bar-by-night was appropriate.

The Tinsel Bar’s food harks back to fun tuck shop treats… you can expect things like jaffles, party pies, sausage rolls… and of course, fairy bread. But it doesn’t stop there.

From 9am to 2pm on weekdays, you can enjoy the deli’s snack menu, and from 5:30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, things can be kicked up a notch with a Cottee’s cordial crush or frosty fruit frappes.

So why tinsel? Simple! It’s the most visually appealing for Rachel, and it’s a textile she’s worked with for over 10 years. So why not take it and create an immersive space for people to enjoy?

“We wanted to give adults a chance to enjoy some of those treats that maybe they enjoyed as a kid… I really love the idea of creating immersive spaces and I loved the concept of allowing people to come and experience the joy of these tinsel installations, have a drink and a nice nostalgic snack,” Rachel said.

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