Able by Dylan Alcott

Here is what the QBD crew thought…

This is the first autobiography I have picked up in a long time – and it was nothing short of amazing! The writing is so engaging and Dylan’s story is so interesting I couldn’t put it down.

Able chronicles the life of Dylan Alcott, Paralympic gold medalist and four time grand slam winner. Following his journey from childhood, through depression and self-esteem issues, to the pinnacle of his sporting career and beyond, this inspirational story will give you so many feels. You’ll laugh at some of  the stories, cry when he struggles and be amazed at just what a fantastic person he has become.

Throughout, you truly get a sense of what type of person Dylan is- a determined young man using all of his gifts to make the world a better place. The book is so well-written, and so engrossing, you feel like you’ve been sitting on a park bench having a chat with an old friend for a couple of hours.

I truly love the line they use to describe this book and Dylan’s journey “ for every one thing you can’t do, there are 10,000 other things that you can”. It is such a poignant and important message for everyone and is a great motto to start living by. I know I will be!

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