“Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match” by Sally Thorne

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love ‘Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match’ by Sally Thorne… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Sally Thorne, the author and Tik Tok sensation who brought us “The Hating Game” and “Second First Impressions” is BACK with her brand-new title “Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match”

This clever story follows Victor Frankenstein’s sheltered younger sister as she attempts to create the perfect suitor. All Angelika really wants is for a man to understand the real her – and having an agreeable gentleman convalescing in the guest suite could be her chance. When Will (the handsome scientific miracle) wakes on the lab table, he has amnesia and is solely focused on uncovering his identity. Trying to ignore their heart-pounding chemistry, Angelika reluctantly joins his investigation, hoping it will bring them closer. But then a second suitor emerges to aid their quest… Can fate be influenced in a laboratory? Or is Will her dream man, tailored for her in every way?

This unconventional rom com is spooky, sweet, and has enough witty banter to make you laugh out loud. It’s wonderfully weird, quirky, and we recommend to any fiction reader who wants to try something new!

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