Ballancar Country Heritage

We’ve long abandoned the notion that this country’s history began with European settlement. For almost unimaginable time before that, it was home to its first people: indigenous Australians.

The story of how the ancestors of aboriginal people thrived for thousands of years is imprinted on the land – but it helps to know what you’re looking for.

Peter Jesser is one man who does. He’s the owner of “Ballancar” Station near Inglewood on the Southern Downs and his amateur interest in archaeology came in handy when he started spotting ancient tools scattered across his land.


Peter and his wife Rochelle bought a run-down sheep property in 2003 with a view to reviving it. When they started discovering indigenous relics, Peter called in the experts to verify them.

“I contacted the Queensland Murray Darling Committee because they have an indigenous co-ordinator and the committee kindly paid for an archaeological survey,” says Peter. “That confirmed we have 10 kilometres of campsites, stone tools and scarred trees.

“It’s a snapshot of how people once lived in this country. I find it fascinating and want to share that with others.”

Edge-ground axes, hatchets and other primitive tools found on “Ballancar” date back thousands of years. Instead of packing the relics off to a museum, Peter sought the blessing of traditional owners to stage heritage tours of the property.

Guests can take a closer look at fascinating indigenous sites including ancient earth ovens, dug into the clay ground.

ballancar3Colonial history is also a part of the “Ballancar” experience. Old shearers’ quarters have been converted into a guest cottage – with a lounge, wood-heater, big country kitchen and beds to sleep up to 4 people.

You can watch the passing parade of wildlife from your veranda – or join Peter as he does the rounds of his property, checking on video captured by infra-red motion cameras tracking fauna activity.

Cameras have captured everything from a wallaby punch-up to echidnas taking a midnight stroll in the woolshed.

A stay at “Ballancar” includes lunch, dinner and breakfast – and a half-day aboriginal cultural tour with Peter. or or phone 07 4652 1367

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