Meet Blackbutt Bakery’s Roberta Anson

She’s the brains behind Blackbutt Bakery and her name is Roberta Anson. To give you a little back story, not too long ago our friends over at Creek to Coast shared where they think the Top 10 pies are in Australia. Having travelled the breadth and width of this great country, pies are generally the cuisine of choice when it comes to life on the road for the crew. They’re quick, easy and boy, are they tasty! To be honest – we’re just thankful pies exist… and that’s where Roberta comes into the picture.

Some of you got a little upset (understandably) that the legendary Blackbutt Bakery was missing from our initial pie list. In our defence, we hadn’t yet visited… So after a few re-arrangements of our schedule, we were in Roberta’s capable hands in under 48 hours to taste-test as many pies as we could possibly fit in.

We certainly weren’t disappointed! And not just because of the finger-licking good sweets and treats she has on offer, but because of Roberta, her family and the staff who keep the bakery going on the daily. There is so much love and passion floating around, it’s simply infectious… and you’ll see why by watching the video above. So, if you haven’t been out to Blackbutt, do yourself a favour: swing by the bakery and try one of the pies. If you do stop by, tell Roberta we sent you – she’ll have an extra glint in her eye!

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