Celebrating 30 years of Kingfisher Bay Resort

Cast your mind back to 1992. Strictly Ballroom danced into cinemas across Australia. One and two-cent coins are disappearing from our purses and the world’s largest sand island is not only named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it welcomes an incredible eco-resort!

This year, Kingfisher Bay Resort celebrates 3 decades of hosting holidays in paradise! Over the years, the resort has become synonymous with G’Kari or Fraser Island and while the building may have changed and evolved, one thing remains the same – being surrounded by untouched natural beauty.

Protecting the island’s pristine environment was always a top priority, even before the resort’s build began in 1992. So much so that Kingfisher Bay Resort was the first resort in Australia to employ a Director of Environment. “Every element of the planning and implementation of the resort nearly 30 years ago was done with an environmental lens,” explained General Manager, David Hay.

The resort’s ranger program sets out to educate and inspire guests to preserve this special place. “You come to the island to experience and immerse yourself in K’Gari, to be able to learn more about the plants, the animals, the history of the culture while you’re here which really gives that full appreciation for this island,” explained Ranger Cassie.

There’s no doubt that Kingfisher Bay Resort will dedicate the next 30 years (and then some) to working towards their goal of protecting and preserving this incredible place. Experience it for yourself by booking at stay at Kingfisher Bay Resort. And whilst you’re there, why not take part in the fabulous experiences on offer.

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