Christmas Presents That Support Drought-Affected Communities

There is no better feeling than giving a Christmas present to a loved one and having them gush with joy! Making the special people in our lives happy is one of our favourite parts of the festive season. What can make gift giving even better though, is when you can support drought-affected Queensland families in the process. This Christmas, why not pick up a gift or two from online stores based in the Outback?

Coola Cozzies

For your friends with a Summer holiday booked, check out Coola Cozzies, based out of Ilfracombe. Not only are Coola Cozzies a fantastic way to stay sun safe this Summer, five percent of all profits go to the Western Queensland Drought Appeal.

Spinifex Collections

If it was not for the drought, Spinifex Collection would not exist. Founded in 2002, Sue Smith started her business in a bid to create cash flow for her family’s drought-stricken wool property. Spinifex Collections now has a store on the main street of Longreach, but you can also shop Sue’s array of beautiful gifts and homewares online.

Tambo Teddies

Tambo Teddies are based out of, you guess it, Tambo in Central West Queensland. The business is 100% Outback Queensland owned and operated, with every teddy made entirely in the small rural town. This year, Tambo Teddies are celebrating their 25th anniversary of making the cutest, cuddliest teddies around. All teddies are made out of 100% Australian wool and are named after stations in the area.

Outback Scents

Who doesn’t love beautiful handcrafted soaps? Outback Scents is based out of Charleville (approximately 900km west of Brisbane) and sells divine soaps and lotions made out of locally sourced goats milk. We love knowing that each of their products supports a minimum of ten local businesses!

Poppy Lane Designs

If you have someone in your life who loves a bit of ear candy, Poppy Lane Designs is a great place to start your Christmas shopping! Poppy Lane Designs only launched in 2017, out of Charleville, but you have probably seen Bridget’s vibrant accessories popping everywhere already!

Outback Threads

Outback Threads is owned and operated by a mother of three in Tambo, who turned her penchant for sewing into an online store. For any little ones in your life, Outback Threads is a fantastic store to pick up a gift or two.

Button Boutique

Another fantastic Queensland business that is excellent for Christmas presents is Button Boutique. Button Boutique is run off a cattle station 80km out of Tambo that started back in 2016. The property runs over 18 000 head of cattle, and you would think that would keep Anna Phelbs busy enough, but instead, she creates and sells a range of genuine cowhide products as well! From cowhide bags to shoes, to cushions, iPhone cases, stubby coolers and even baby booties, Button Boutique stocks it all!

By Kate Nutting

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How you can help farmers in drought-affected communities

If you have been wondering how you can help farmers in drought-affected communities, here is Burnsie from the Nindigully Pub to tell you how ? Simply pick up a bale of hay or bag of dog food and drop it at a farmer's gate. You're a legend Burnsie – we hope your idea goes national! ?

Posted by Queensland Weekender on Tuesday, 3 September 2019