Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson

A book review from the QBD crew…

‘Self-control is an emotional problem & emotional problems are harder to deal with than the logical ones. Hence, control is an illusion.’

Mark Manson’s book Everything is F*cked is a kind of carry-on from his first book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, in which we read about things we shouldn’t care about. Instead, in this book, we focus on what to care about.

While we live in an increasingly technological progressive world on the brink of its own destruction, we can often become overwhelmed and focus on the wrong things, rather than the larger picture. Mark Manson brings clarity to this thinking and helps us to have a little bit of hope.

Everything is F*cked isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, nor is it pessimistic. In fact, it is paradoxically optimistic for a book that genuinely and convincingly lays out that everything is indeed f*cked! His trademark wit is still on display, but Manson strikes a slightly more academic tone than in his first book, pointing out this new perspective in an ironic, funny but simultaneously serious way.

This book also includes a good summary of popular positive psychology topics, stoicism, philosophers (Plato, Kant, etc..), and consciousness. It is both insightful and hilarious, a must-read for anyone worried about the world. – Bronte Hahn

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