Game On in Ipswich

If you’re a big kid at heart, get yourself to the City of Ipswich. Whether you’re the outdoorsy active type, or prefer to flex your mental muscle, the city has a host of games to get stuck into.

At Hardcore Gel Blasters, you’ll discover a warehouse-sized, indoor battlefield that’ll fire up your ‘inner Arnie’ in no time.

Weave through a playing area resembling an urban disaster zone and try to dodge your weapon-wielding opponents from behind car wreck bodies and walls. This is close quarters battle – so the game is for big kids, 13 years and over.

There’s even a local team that competes internationally and regularly train on the customized contest field next door.


For the more cerebrally agile, we suggest taking your big brain to Seraphim Escape Rooms.

After a heart-stopping hello at the front door from owner, Kez, you’ll be ushered into the creepy lounge room to discover your mission.

There are 3 rooms to challenge your clue-busting skills. Atonement is the trickiest – with teams putting their heads together to puzzle their way through the Seven Deadly Sins.


If brain-twisting conundrums have you at the end of your rope, maybe a real rope challenge is more your thing?

Head to RopeHaus in the City of Ipswich and pit yourself against an array of rock climbing and rope courses, set up by Summit Adventures.

From mock caving in the dark to dangling 10 metres off the ground, this a fun house for anyone wanting to stare down their phobias.

Owner and trainer, Craig, makes it look so easy – thanks to 27 years of climbing experience under his carabiner… um, belt.


Head to the City of Ispwich and unleash your playful inner child.

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