In the Clearing by JP Pomare

Lee and Vic weren’t the only ones to love In the Clearing by JP Pomare… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

The new novel by J P Pomare is as full of twists and thrills as his debut but made, even more, haunting by the fact that it features stolen children and a sinister cult. Freya is living out her life quietly with her young son and her yoga studio, desperate to hide from the troubles in her past. But when a young girl is snatched off the street, she discovers her past is coming to find her. Amy loves her mother and would do anything for her family, including kidnapping a new sister so the family can be complete. But how far will she be willing to go? And what if she can never come back?
Told in alternate chapters from each character’s point of view, this novel builds and builds to a shocking revelation. Pomare’s writing is full of suspense and malice, the character’s desperation as their situations get worse is gripping and the twist at the end will leave you breathless. Another awesome read from the New Zealand author.

  • Shannon from Mandurah

This compelling thriller will grab a hold of you and take you on a journey with Amy and Freya as they discover the truth behind the stories they have been told.

Amy has grown up in the clearing and lives a life away from the general public, she sticks to the rules and doesn’t want to rock the boat. Until a new family member arrives in the clearing.

Then we meet Freya and a small town is turned on its head looking for her son, she is frantic in her search scared by an unknown threat. Their stories intertwine and secrets are revealed that leave you gasping. In the Clearing is a gritty and spellbinding story that grabs a hold of you until the last chapter and you are left wanting more.

  • Jodie from Traralgon