K’gari Discovery Centre at Kingfisher Bay Resort

When we talk impressive coastlines, Queensland takes the cake. It’s dotted with around 2,000 islands!

With each offering their own unique experience, it’s hard to pick a favourite. But, when it’s the world’s largest sand island, well that certainly sweetens the deal!

From the perched dune freshwater lakes and scenic creeks to the dramatic rocky headlands and exposed cliffs of coloured sands, it’s clear K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) is more than just an island… it’s many worlds in one.

And as a world heritage site, it has plenty of rich history that’s just waiting to be uncovered. One way to do that is by seeing the island through the eyes of Kingfisher Bay Resort’s eco rangers!

“To be in the environment when you’re educating someone about it is just pinnacle. Them being able to see and hear the birds and smell some of the flowers that I talk about just brings a complete, immersive experience,” Ranger Cassie said.

Somewhere else you can appreciate the natural wonder of K’gari is at the island’s brand-new Discovery Centre.

It was a joint effort between Kingfisher Bay Resort, the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation and the University of the Sunshine Coast which brought this environmental hub to life.

The photography it features, mainly by Peter Myer, has brilliantly captured the beauty of the island and is a great way to get inspiration of places to visit or learn more about them either before you begin your trip or after you’ve experienced them.

“Peter Myer is our resident photographer on the island. He’s lived here for over 20 years and no one has seen the island as much as him… he’s seen it in all its shapes and forms…” Ranger Cassie said.

When we asked Pete how he would describe K’gari in three different words – his response was “wild, untamed and a place to reconnect”.

“There’s always been a quote in the back of my mind… it’s ‘we only preserve what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we study’ … and I’ve always thought that’s at the heart of everything I do,” Pete said.

By day, Pete conducts tours of the island in his role as a ranger for Fraser Explorer Tours. It’s a position he’s held for 26 years, but his camera has been around for much longer than that… capturing K’gari one day at a time.

See Pete’s photos for yourself at the K’gari Discovery Centre. It’s located just moments from Kingfisher Bay Resort, and is open daily and free for visitors. Or experience the beauty of the island through Pete’s eyes… you’ll find him on the Fraser Explorer Tours. Book yours here.

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