The brand-new K’gari Ultimate Tour

When planning a trip to the world’s largest sand island, sometimes a weekend voyage doesn’t quite cut it! A few extra days up your sleeve will ensure you soak up all the sights and sounds of K’gari.

Ticking off every bucket list experience, on your own, might be a little overwhelming… especially if you’re also after some chill time. Drum roll, please, for Fraser Explorer Tours newest offering!

The K’gari Ultimate Tour combines the best of both worlds – giving you time to stay and play on the island. With five days and four nights of pure bliss, no corner of Fraser will be left uncovered!

Day one kicks off with a leisurely ferry ride from Hervey Bay, before settling in for the night at Kingfisher Bay Resort… then all aboard the big blue bus to explore both coasts across days two and three, with a stay at Eurong Beach Resort in between.

To get the most mileage out of Fraser’s top itinerary – a ranger, like Pete, navigates the way! Here’s a snippet of Fraser’s top spots you’ll be able to tick off your list.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is K’gari’s most iconic swimming spot – relax along the pristine white silica shore and be immersed in the crystal-clear freshwater. It’s breathtaking!

Central Station

Admire the towering trees growing from sand and explore along the rainforest boardwalk. The water is crystal clear… you can even drink from it!

Pile Valley

Wander through the subtropical rainforest and marvel at the centuries-old Satinay trees and towering palms. Some are as tall as 50 metres and as wide as four.

75 Mile Beach

Cruise Fraser Island’s beach highway and join Air Fraser for a scenic joy-flight over the island (optional extra).

Eli Creek

Wade through the shallow waters or float downstream towards the Coral Sea! You haven’t done K’gari until you’ve done this. Make sure you’ve got a blow-up ring!

Maheno Shipwreck

Visit the famous rustic ruins that was once a luxury cruise liner. It washed ashore in 1935 and is now a photographer’s paradise!

The Pinnacles Coloured Sands

Be amazed by the spectacularly technicoloured sand cliffs and the Dreamtime tale of how they were formed.

Indian Head

As the most easterly point of the island, marine life such as turtles and rays are often spotted in the waters around the base of this rocky headland. It’s the perfect viewing platform to awe at nature.

Champagne Pools

Experience this amazing natural jacuzzi, as crashing waves meet the volcanic rock pools along the shore… they don’t call it champagne pools for nothing!

Lake Wabby

Trek across Hammerstone Sandblow with our expert guide and be rewarded with a dip in this emerald-green freshwater oasis.

On your return to Fraser’s west coast, days four and five of the tour are spent at leisure back at Kingfisher Bay Resort… soaking up all that’s left to enjoy. Activities like an Eco Marine Cruise can be booked as an add-on… or just steps from your sanctuary, you’ll find some of the resort’s brand-new bars and world-class restaurants, with breakfasts also included as part of the tour. There’s certainly no shortage of things to do!

Are you in? The K’gari Ultimate Tour is the perfect mix of getting pumped up as well as taking time to peace out. Book yours here.

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