Let the Southern Cross Soloists take you on a journey…

The Southern Cross Soloists are a group of talented Australian chamber music stars and one of QPAC’s prestigious Companies in Residence.

The ensemble’s QPAC 2023 Concert Series will take audiences on a musical journey through Paris and the heartland of Central Europe to the Americas.

The second concert in the series, From the Heartland: Vienna to Budapest will take to the stage on Sunday, 18th June. This musical odyssey through Central Europe will shine a light on the vibrant and colourful traditional folklore of their people. Australia’s renowned jazz trumpet player, James Morrison will feature in the show with his first composition and solo performance for the Southern Cross Soloists, in collaboration with the ensemble’s Didgeridoo Soloist in Residence, Chris Williams, as part of the company’s Digeridoo Commissioning Project.

“The idea of the Commissioning Project is to compose new works for the digeridoo and chamber music, classical music, so we’re creating 3 new works every year for 10 years, leading up to the Olympics in 2023,” explained Chris.

“I think it’s really an incredible match of two art forms and really incredible to be a part of,” he continued to say.

The company’s Artistic Director, Tania Frazer is excited about creating uniquely Australian classical music.

“Brisbane’s going to be holding the Olympic Games in 2023 and I think what is really important is that we really showcase the quality of culture and artistic inspiration that we have here in Australia.”

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