Luke & Cody’s Family Reunion in Bundaberg

There are many reasons you might choose to travel by train. You might like the idea of not having to drive. You might be heading on a journey to explore somewhere new. Or you could be meeting someone special at the station. This particular trip was led by the latter.

Luke and Cody’s extended family are spread across Australia and there are a few relatives who call Bundaberg in Queensland home.

Their cousin, Rob Cook owns and runs a cattle property on the outskirts of town with his wife Sarah and two boys, Braxton and Lawson. Rob and Sarah are your quintessential Outback Aussie farmers. They live on the land and they live for the land. It’s a life that Rob was never willing to give up, particularly after surviving a life changing accident in 2008.

Luke and Cody's Family Reunion

Luke and Cody have arrived in Bundaberg, just in time to catch up with the whole Cook clan ??For more information on Luke & Cody's big adventure, head to

Posted by Queensland Weekender on Sunday, 9 December 2018

He was working on his family’s cattle station in the Northern Territory, Suplejack Downs. It’s known as the most remote cattle station in Australia, with the nearest town, a nine-hour drive away.

On 30th September 2008, he set out for a routine chopper muster – a day just like any other day, when they experienced an engine failure of some sort. Rob sustained significant spinal injuries, which meant that he would have to adjust to living life as a quadriplegic.

We can all learn a thing or two from the way Rob and his family faced adversity, and got on with life. Rob is still active on the farm, he just does it a little differently to most farmers.

If you would like to read more about Rob’s incredible story, we recommend you pick up a copy of his book, When the Dust Settles.

If you’ve been inspired to jump on board and visit your relatives in Queensland, then the Queensland Rail Travel website is a great place to start.

If you’re heading to Bundaberg and your loved ones don’t have enough space for you to bunk at their place, then we are sure Kelly’s Beach Resort will welcome you with open arms!