My Daughter’s Wedding by Gretel Killeen

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love My Daughter’s Wedding by Gretel Killeen… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

A wickedly hilarious novel by Gretel Killeen – My Daughter’s Wedding is a heart-wrenching comedy about three generations of mother-daughter love. The story follows Nora Fawn, whose daughter Hope disappeared from her life four years ago, only to keep contact with her older sister Joy. Nora spent years searching in herself to understand why Hope had left,  as she once had considered mothering the biggest achievement of her life.

Out of the blue, Nora receives a call from Hope, informing her that she is getting married and that she wants Nora to organise the wedding. Nora takes on the task in full stride, in the hope to regain her relationship with Hope and amend what has been done. She uses the assistance of her own mother who has growing dementia, and her two best friends to plan the wedding.

Exploring the complexities, challenges and adventures of generational mother-daughter love, Gretel Killeen has delivered a book you will cry through, laugh through and best of all, absolutely adore.

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