Other People’s Houses by Kelli Hawkins

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love Other People’s Houses by Kelli Hawkins… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

A debut novel by Kelli Hawkins, Other People’s Houses is an entertaining, engaging and visually captivating novel that follows protagonist Kate Webb out of Sydney, Australia.

After tragically losing her son ten years ago, Kate spends her days grieving, and attends open houses on the regular across Sydney’s wealthy north shore, imaging the lives of the families that call these places home.

In one home, in particular, Kate is compelled by a family portrait that pictures a man, woman and their young boy, who she heartbreakingly believes in a moment to be her own son.

The curiosity of this turns into an obsession as Kate uncovers the cracks that surface behind the perfect image that she believed in. You read every page urging Kate not to follow through and cringing through the bad decisions. Kate’s character is compelling and tragic and becomes easy to celebrate with her as she moves her life in a better direction.

A compelling, roller coaster of a read, Other People’s Houses is recommended for fans of Gone Girl and The Woman in the Window.

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