Peter Anderson from Surf Life Saving Queensland

Peter Anderson joined Surf Life Saving in 1997 at the ripe age of 61. After retiring, Peter was keen to try something different and decided surf life saving would be an interesting challenge. 23 years on and Peter said, “it’s probably the most rewarding, fulfilling and exciting thing I’ve ever done with my life.”  

Peter has been involved in many rescues over his 20 years but will never forget a mass rescue involving 51 people who had washed off a collapsed sandbank He says he remembers “seeing a forest of arms in the air,” but luckily each of the 51 victims were rescued which he explained was “hugely rewarding.”    

Now 80 years old, nothing is going to stop Peter. He says surf life saving “… certainly keeps me young, it keeps me fit, it keeps me active, it keeps me alert… I love it and I’ll stay as long as it gives me pleasure.” 

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