Pimp Your Air Fryer by Jake Grigg

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love ‘Pimp Your Air Fryer by Jake Grigg’… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

If you’ve been searching for a standard, run-of-the-mill cookbook, this is NOT the book for you! Written by Jake Grigg, aka the Air Fryer Guy, “Pimp Your Air Fryer” is a fun, light-hearted recipe book that promotes creativity, and challenges the fundamentals of cooking!

Inside this amazing book, you’ll find delicious treats such as Air Fried Sliders, Ferrero Rocher Poppers, Wagon Wheel Pies, and Sizzler Copycat Toast. If you’ve just bought an air fryer and you’re still learning the tricks of the trade, this book demands to be your new kitchen bestie.

Who would’ve thought that hot, circulating air could be so much fun?

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