Tony Ching

Sunnybank Plaza & Sunny Park are part of an exciting Asian food precinct, on Brisbane’s southside which is just 13km from the CBD.

The neighbourhood is home to a diverse Asian population, and that’s reflected in the choices at over 50 restaurants in the area.

Highly respected Teaching Chef Tony Ching is a strong advocate of Asian cuisine.

He says, “what they all have in common is that common thread that it’s less meat, more vegetables, and for a healthy diet that’s what we should be looking at.”

“At the end of the day it suits our climate, it suits what we can grow in Australia, and it suits the budget.”

Although more people are acquiring a taste for Asian flavours, it can be intimidating or mystifying to navigate menus at eateries, and the produce on supermarket shelves.

So through Experience Sunnybank, Tony holds cooking classes and food walking tours through the centre. For three hours he takes small groups to the best places to eat and shop, and shares information about history, culture and cuisine.

When it comes to visiting the butcher, buying fresh vegetables or dining in, Tony has long and strong connections at all the best locations.

“Some of the shops have been here for quite some time and they were obviously started by maybe first-generation Australians. I’m now seeing them passed on to their kids, and it’s great to see the kids carrying on those traditions and keeping up the old-fashioned ways of producing food.”

There are two different tours, with one in the middle of the day so that the group finishes at iconic Landmark Restaurant for a yum cha lunch. There is also an evening tour that includes a roving dinner.

Call Sunnybank Plaza Centre Management on 3345 7500 or visit the Experience Sunnybank website to make your booking.

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