Sunshine Coast – Real Produce

Known as the gateway to the Sunshine Coast, the iconic Glass House Mountains produces many tropical fruits such as avocados, pineapples and papaws as well as strawberries, vegetables, nuts and tobacco… and the best place to get a real farm experience.

Glasshouse Plantation is a working tropical orchard and coffee plantation in the making.

As an agronomist, Lisa Palu knows a thing or two about growing trees. “So there’s 2000 seedlings and 7000 seeds here. We’re hoping that we’ll have 5000 healthy bigger trees that we will plant out in the paddock … So three years for our first commercial harvest, we’re looking at a minimum of 1.5t of roasted bean.”

Everything in their farm shop and café is locally grown, have 10 acres, plenty of places to relax and enjoy their mountain views.

Down the road at Glasshouse Eco-Lodge, Keith Murray has over 70 different types of native and exotic fruit trees.

“These trees, are about 30 years old they’re some of the first ones we planted. It’s known as a tree grape. This is the only grape in the world that grows on the bark and it’s called Jaboticaba originally from South America, but they’re becoming quite popular here in Australia. Now, we love this because we can make jam out of it. We’ve even made wine out of it and best is eaten fresh off the plum and has a lovely musk flavour.”

The Sunshine Coast offers a real escape. Don’t just come for a day but stay. We want every traveller to see, feel and do everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer. For more real Sunshine Coast experiences visit