Swimming with Whales

Kingfisher Bay Resort is situated on World Heritage listed Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, a place to witness nature at her finest.  It’s not only the land that entices nature lovers and adventure seekers but also the quiet waters of Hervey Bay.

From August to October whales migrate along the east coast of Australia. Hervey Bay is a unique ‘stop over’, providing sheltered water and a haven for young whales, pregnant females and mother and calf pods before their long journey to their Antarctic feeding grounds.  It is also believed to be an area of social interaction, for mothers to teach their young life skills and a safe place to play.

On this occasion, we had the very special treat of seeing a Southern Right Whale and her calf.  It would seem that Southern Right whales, normally deep sea dwellers, are frequenting Hervey Bay to nature their calf’s before their migration back to Antarctica

Hervey Bay Whale Watch cruises depart Kingfisher Bay Resort daily during the season and close encounters with the whales in the bay are guaranteed.

Once on board guest can choose to upgrade to a swim with the whales experience.  Brian and Jill Perry where the pioneers in the industry with the first whale watching boat in Hervey Bay and the first to launch swimming with the whales, this legacy now continues through the Peaker Family who share their passion and love of Hervey Bay waters and annual visiting whales.

Many guests to Kingfisher Bay Resort combine two bucket-list experiences in one epic trip: whale watching and touring World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

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