What to do on a day trip to Tamborine Mountain

The locals call it “the green behind the gold” and it’s a perfect weekender spot for a day trip out of the city. Tamborine Mountain has hundreds of activities that could pique one’s interest, but for a fuller appreciation of the bountiful nature, here are our recommendations.

Firstly, get up and out early. Grab a coffee en route and head for the mountains. Not only is it cooler, but you arrive before the busloads of tourists for their “nature fix”.

The Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk should be your first port of call. From up high to down low in the rainforest, you get an appreciation for the natural landscapes that are in our own backyard.

A walk up to the cantilever gives you a bird’s eye view of the valley back towards the coast. Co-owner Brendan Moore told us:

“You’re looking down onto those palms and right through the valley. You can hear the creek… It’s really special.”

A self-guided walk takes about 45 minutes.

TIP: Don’t forget to bring your camera.

The Glow Worm Caves are also worthy of a quick visit. Endemic to the region and facing extinction, the caves were set up to help the species.

“This project was started with the idea to prevent species from becoming extinct locally, and we’ve done really well,” tour operator Jules Bruhn told us.

TIP: Take a few minutes to adjust your eyes from bright daylight to the dimly lit glow worm cavern.