The Best Way to Whale-Spot with Whalesong Cruises

Want to know what dinner and a show on the Fraser Coast looks like? Experience the ultimate show as migrating humpback whales stop to stay and play in Hervey Bay.

Front row seats are courtesy of Whalesong Cruises and the experience includes delicious meals on board starting with afternoon tea.

“I think the whales come here on purpose from the Antarctic,” said skipper Rick. “They come in here to Hervey Bay for a bit of R and R and to see the people and do some people watching.”

“They’re very very inquisitive and especially when you’ve got a boat full of kids or everybody’s yelling out the whales will come over and have a look at what’s going on.”

Our presenter, Mel was treated to an example of just this.

“Oh my gosh, they keep coming up out of the water to say hello!” she said excitedly. “We’ve been screaming so much I’m losing my voice! This is so good, it’s the perfect whale watching experience, you can’t get closer than that!”

The other cruise goers equally enjoyed their experience.

“Fantastic, I’ve seen whales before but never that close!”

The up-close encounter of course couldn’t be possible without Whalesong’s amazing vessel. The MV Whalesong 2 is designed solely for whale watching (as well as dolphin and dugong spotting) with some amazing features including plenty of viewing space on the multiple platforms and even an water-level area where you can get even closer.

The cruise concludes with dinner and sunset making a day on board with Whalesong one to remember.

The friendly crew can also arrange complimentary transfers to and from your holiday digs.

Whether it’s whales in Winter or sunny days in the Summer, there are endless options on the Fraser Coast.

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