The Crackup Sisters

The Crackup Sisters are the only female comedy rodeo clowns in the world, and they hark from our backyard, the iconic outback town of Winton.

Each year they travel an average of 60,000kms throughout rural and remote Australia to entertain Aussies of all ages at showgrounds, rodeo arenas, festivals and events.

Most recently, the sisters have opened their colourful property to the public. Visitors can enjoy performances from the sisters and other visiting artists, as well as the ‘Dustarena’, a flea circus, a community garden and a host of fun games and activities for the whole family.

The sisters have also created a B&B experience where you’re invited to stay the night and the sisters might even pop in for a fun filled visit!

The Crackup Sisters’ property is an exciting new tourist attraction in Winton, giving visitors one more reason to visit the Queensland outback.

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