The Whisper Man by Alex North

How could a butterfly, a missing boy and a whisper in the night be connected?

Here is what the QBD crew thought…

When Tom and his son Jake move to an idyllic neighbourhood, to move on from the loss of Jake’s mum, everything goes well, for a while. Jake is in trouble at school and withdrawn at home spending more time with his imaginary friend than his father. Tom is overcoming his heartbreak and the growing distance between them. When figures of the past and present come knocking at their door and whispering at the window, these two must push through their loss and rekindle their love before it is snatched away. This book is everything a crime novel should be: mysterious and spine-tingling, yet heartfelt with twists and revelations that creep up on you like the Whisper Man himself. I couldn’t put it down. – David, QBD Woden 4.5 stars

Calling all Stephen King & Dean Koontz fans. This will keep you up all night! This is a killer of a thriller and one that you will keep you ripping through the pages on the edge of your seat until the very end! A killer suspenseful mystery novel with a new supernatural twist. ‘If you leave the door open, you’ll hear the whispers spoken.’ This is a book you will not want to read in the dark! – Roxanne, QBD Toombul

A father and son, after the death of the mother, move to a new town to try and start over but people start disappearing. The MO matches a serial killer who has already been caught and rumours start to fly around. The new arrivals have no idea what’s in store for them. A well-written story of a classic archetype, Police and citizens must contend with a problem they thought dealt with. Brilliant take. – Nathan, QBD Broadmeadows

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