Wellington Point Farm on the Redlands Coast

Moreton Bay is a place of sparkling blues, in every hue – from sky above to ocean below.

That soothing palette is best appreciated on a walk from Wellington Point across to King Island, when low tide creates a natural sand bridge from the mainland.

It’s just a two-kilometre stroll from the parklands at the point to the tiny island – and, as you wander across the causeway, you almost feel immersed in azure blue.

But the colours of the Redlands Coast are by no means confined to the cooler end of the spectrum. There’s a clue in the name – they don’t call it the Redlands for nothing!

The moniker refers to the rich red soil of the region, perfect for market gardens. And that long-held tradition lives on at Wellington Point Farm. 

More than merely a paddock or two, the farm is also home to a Market Hall and restaurant called, aptly enough, The Farmhouse.

The signature crop here is strawberries – picked from late May to October. But tomatoes and other veggies are also grown – with produce sold both at the market and in used in the restaurant’s inspired menu. The Farmhouse is open 7 days from 7am to 3.30pm, for breakfast and lunch. But there’s good news for those with a ‘sweet tooth’ – coffee and cake are served all day!

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