Whalesong Beach and Barbecue Tour

The Fraser Coast is world-renowned for whales but even outside of whale season, the waters of the region offer some spectacular experiences.

Whalesong’s Fraser Island Beach and Barbecue tour takes place between October and June aboard the luxurious MV Whalesong.

It takes about 40 minutes to get to the island, with a serve of morning tea along the way.

At the helm is Doug Greenshields with a wealth of local knowledge under his belt.

Once on Fraser, there’s a couple of hours to enjoy island life.

“Someone who wants to sit on the beach and have a paddle and whatnot, they can do that,” said Doug. “Teenagers that want to jump off the boat and swim to the shore and go kayaking and tube rides, you’ve got that.”

“If you’ve never thrown a cast net before and you want to try your hand at that. If you’ve come to do a bit of fishing, you can wander along the beach and find yourself a quiet spot.”

The tour concludes back on board with a barbecue lunch before heading back to the mainland.  

“It’s not a full day. It’s long enough for most people I think and especially if you’ve got kids so it suits families, kids,” said Doug.

Back on dry land, the Bay Apartments on the Esplanade is great if you want to relax as most do on a holiday, but for those who enjoy a bit of action, they’ve got you covered.

It’s right on the Esplanade so you can go for a run along the beach, there’s a tennis court, swimming pool perfect for laps and a gym!

When you are ready to chill out, hotel manager Kim Schmidt can organise a beautiful platter delivered to your room.

“It’s a little local company from Maryborough, mother and daughter,” said Kim. “They’re using local produce and we like to try and source everything locally as well, helps everybody out.”

When it comes to the rooms, one of the standout points is just how spacious they are. They’re self-contained but if you don’t feel like cooking, within five minutes there’s a huge range of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful region, any time of year.

“One of them is it’s the gateway to Fraser Island,” said Kim. “That is a big beautiful world heritage listed spot. But we’ve still got a lot to offer just in Hervey Bay.”

“Straight onto the beaches, we’ve got a laid-back lifestyle. Everyone’s on holidays so very happy.”

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