What to see and do while in Birdsville for the Races

The Melbourne Cup of the Outback is almost here for another year, kicking off this week on Friday 6th September, 2019. If you are heading out west for the infamous Birdsville Races, why not visit some iconic attractions while in the area?

Visit the Birdsville Hotel

While you are in Birdsville, it is essential that you visit the Birdsville Hotel for a beer, or two! Some might say the Birdsville Hotel is the Outback’s most iconic pub, and as soon as you walk in, you will see why!


Watch the sunset from the top of Big Red

If you are a 4WD-enthusiast, watching the sunset from the top of Big Red is a must! Big Red is a massive 40-metre tall sand dune, just 35 kilometres from Birdsville. In our opinion, it is one of the best sunset-watching spots in the world!

Visit the border

While you are in Birdsville, why not catch a glimpse of South Australia at the border at Cameron’s Corner? You will want to stay in Queensland, though! Snap a photo while you are there and upload it to Instagram using #QueenslandWeekender.

Did you know the Birdsville Races attract over 10,000 people to Birdsville each year?

Visit the Burke and Wills Tree

History buffs will want to visit the Burke and Wills Tree while in Birdsville. Head to the Diamantina River to track down the coolibah tree that Wills marked himself back in 1860.

Swim in the Birdsville Billabong

If it is a bit hot while you are in town, why not go for a dip in the Birdsville Billabong? If swimming is not quite your style, why not go for a walk, kayak, fish or even just watch the sunset?

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