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Where to see dinosaurs in Queensland

Did you know that you can get up close and personal with dinosaurs, right here in Queensland? Once upon a time, dinosaurs called Queensland’s outback home, and today, you can find fossils scattered across central and western parts of the state. If you have a little palaeontologist in your family, a road-trip to see the dinosaurs will definitely earn you some major brownie points. We will warn you though, a visit to the museum will never cut it again! Here are some of the best spots in Queensland to visit T-Rex’s cousins…

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Winton

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is home to the world’s largest Australian dinosaur fossil collection. There is an abundance of things to see and do at the museum, from enthralling outdoor galleries to birdwatching and nature walks. We guarantee you will leave the museum having learnt something new!

Richmond Fossil Hunting Sites, Richmond

Richmond is a fantastic spot to unleash your inner-palaeontologist. Millions of years ago, Richmond was actually a shallow inland sea, meaning today, it is a great place to fossick for prehistoric finds. Get all the details and a permit at Kronosaurus Korner.

Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond

If you have a particular interest in dinosaurs that lived in water, Kronosaurus Korner will definitely pique your interest! Kronosaurus Korner is Australia’s leading marine fossil museum, showcasing nearly 1150 unique fossil specimens from the area. Visitors can observe a laboratory, watch a presentation and meet ‘Penny’ the Richmond Pilosaur.

Eromanga Natural History Museum, Eromanga

Did you know that Eromanga is home to a titanosaur, named Cooper, who is estimated to be between 95-98 million years old? The museum also houses some of the world’s largest megafauna, that is thought to be between 50 000 to 100 000 years old.

Lark Quarry Conservation Park, Opalton

If you want to literally follow in the footsteps of a dinosaur, head to Lark Quarry Conservation Park in Opalton. Here you can see prehistoric footprints, left by a stampede of running dinosaurs millions of years ago.

Flinders Discovery Centre and Museum, Hughenden

Have you always wanted to see a Muttaburrasaurus? If you have, the Flinders Discovery Centre is the place you need to be! At the Centre, you can ‘meet’ a life-size skeleton replica, called Hughie, and see many other fascinating fossils.

Riversleigh Fossil Centre, Mt Isa

Another great spot to see fossils is at the Riversleigh Fossil Centre. The Centre is full of fossils from the nearby fossil fields. Twice daily, you can even embark on a laboratory tour!

By Kate Nutting

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