5 Off The Beaten Track Spots in Queensland Worth Exploring

Queensland is the second-largest state in Australia, meaning there’s plenty of areas to explore. While many travellers and locals frequent the same destinations, there are a number of hidden gems well worth a visit. You just have to choose the road less travelled.

Adels Grove

(Closest Main City – Mount Isa)

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Australian Outback. Yes, there are vast open plains and red dirt as far as the eye can see but then you stumble across what can only be described as an oasis in the desert. Lawn Hill Creek is one of the major drawcards when you visit Adels Grove Camping Ground. The campground is located ten kilometres from Boodjamulla National Park. It’s about a four and a half-hour drive from Mount Isa and most of the roads are unsealed, so you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared. “To get out here, it’s a bit of a challenge but when you get to the end of the track, the challenge is well worth it,” explains the owner of Adels, Rod Low Mow.

Cape Tribulation

(Closest Main City – Cairns)

Cape Tribulation is where the rainforest meets the reef. On one hand, you feel as if you’ve ventured deep into the jungle and on the other, the Great Barrier Reef is sitting right on your doorstep. Cape Tribulation is one of the closet points on the mainland to the Great Barrier Reef, taking only 25 minutes to get out to an untouched snorkel site. Getting to “Cape Trib” (as locals call it) is an adventure in itself. It’s about an hour and a half drive north of Cairns until you reach the Daintree River Ferry. There, you’ll drive onto the vehicle ferry, to make your way across to the Daintree Rainforest. For more Cape Tribulation ideas, click here!

Paronella Park

(Closest Main City – Cairns)

Paronella Park is the result of Jose Paronella’s lifelong dream to build a castle. In 1929, the Spaniard and his wife, Margarita bought 13 acres of lush Australian rainforest in Mena Creek, just south of Cairns. He began to build an extravagant castle, complete with a ballroom, grand staircase and theatre room, which showed movies every Saturday night. Their dream was never just to build a castle for themselves, rather to create a park for the people and almost 90 years later, it remains just that. Guests visiting the park can take guided tours through the remains of the castle, as well as the lush green gardens that surround the building. While the structure is an impressive feat, what really captures visitor’s imaginations is the beautiful story of this special place.

North Stradbroke Island

(Closest Main City – Brisbane)

A trip to North Stradbroke Island is the perfect escape from the busyness of Brisbane. While the island is only a 45-minute ferry ride from the mainland, you truly feel as if you’re miles away from anywhere once you’ve arrived. There is always something to do on “Straddie”, no matter the time of year, from endless summers to whale watching in Winter. It’s a tropical paradise with almost three hundred square metres of sand, ocean views and adventure to enjoy!

Porcupine Gorge

(Closest Major Town– Hughenden)

Sure, we’ve all heard of the pyramids of Egypt but what if we told you there is a pyramid in Queensland? The gorge is an impressive canyon that has been carved into the landscape by the eroding action of Porcupine Creek. In the wider section of the gorge, the creek has also created the Pyramid, an isolated monolith of multi-coloured sandstone rising from the floor of the gorge. To get to the gorge it’s about a half-hour drive north of Hughenden. Make sure you pack the camera as the views are something else.

By Amy Teixeira
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