Want to squeeze the most out of your Saturday and Sunday?

WEEKENDER is the ultimate guide to turning your precious break into anything you want it to be… whether it’s the holiday adventure of a life-time… or simply catching up with friends at a cool city bar.

Whatever you have in mind for your weekend, WEEKENDER will take you there – blending the best of coastal, country and urban destinations with great characters, fabulous food and memorable experiences.

And your favourite Channel Seven local lifestyle presenters will be there to join you on the journey.

How about day-tripping to the Great Barrier Reef? Front row seats at a colourful regional festival? Sampling fresh produce straight from the farm? Kicking back in a country guest-house? Loading the family in the car for a classic road trip? Or taking in a fiery outback sunset with a glass of fine wine?

Whether you like your leisure time action-packed, chilled-out or somewhere in between… Seven’s locally-produced lifestyle half-hour, WEEKENDER , is your essential key to exploring, enjoying and engaging with our beautiful backyard.

Catch us Sunday 5.30pm on Channel 7 Queensland.