A cooking class for lovers of spice

For most, the highlight of Caloundra is its beautiful stretches of beach, but for the foodies, it’s a little shop in Downtown Caloundra that really gets the senses going!

Red Hot Chilli Pepper is a culinary herb, spice and chilli shop in Bulcock Street. This little store packs a big flavour punch, with a delicious selection of spices, herbs, sauces and more on offer.

But for those who are keen to learn about cooking with spices, Red Hot Chilli Pepper offers Licensed To Spice cooking classes.

The store owner, Vicky Taylor offers a range of different classes, including Persian, Mexican, Moroccan, Indian/Sri Lankan and Mediterranean. Everything is provided in her classes – from ingredients to equipment and recipes… All you need is an adventurous palate!

Book your own Red Hot Chilli Pepper cooking class here!

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