Bowen, but not as you know it…

Mention Queensland’s coastal town of Bowen and the first thing you probably think of is mangoes! The Bowen Mango has put this quaint coastal town on the map but there’s a lot more to this town than the fruit we all know and love.

The town sits at the top of the Whitsundays region and much like its neighboring islands, it’s blessed with beautiful beaches. Rose Bay is a quiet cove where you can enjoy some great snorkeling.

Of course, you can’t visit the beach and not sample the seafood! Bird’s Fish Bar at Bowen Fishermans Seafood Co serves up some of the freshest seafood around, from prawns straight off the trawler to fish caught that day. They also have a mouthwatering menu with some great options including classic fish and chips, burgers and Fisherman’s Baskets, just to name a few.

Once you’ve sunk your teeth into lunch, you might like to tackle a coastal walk. We took on the Rose Bay to Murray Bay loop, stopping off at the Mother Beddock Lookout. We’d recommend packing a water bottle and snacks for when you get over to Murray Bay. It’ll take you around half an hour one way, so if you’re planning to do a return loop, set aside an hour or so.

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