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Cornering Tips

If you drive a caravan, you’ll know that cornering can sometimes be a little scary! However, Winnebago have provided tips to ensure you know exactly what your doing the next time you’re in your home away from home!

Cutting In

When turning a corner, the caravan will take a shorter path around the corner than the vehicle, therefore ‘cutting in’. This problem can be countered by taking the widest path possible around the corner.

Begin by moving your rig as close as you can to your side of the centre line (of a two-lane road) before the turn, and turn as late as possible and as wide as possible. You will soon develop a feel for it and realise that at times (such as on narrow suburban roads) the only way you will make the corner is to use both sides of the road.

In such cases, it’s best to simply stop and wait until oncoming traffic has passed. If the combined length of your van and vehicle is 7.5m or greater, you can affix a sign to the rear advising other vehicles not to overtake while you are turning, which legally allows you to straddle two lanes on a multi-lane road just prior to a turn.


Roundabouts also require a different steering technique than when not towing, by turning later than you normally would to allow room for the van to stay in the lane.

Watch the Winnebago tips video above starring Roger Vickery from Creek to Coast to learn more!

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