Discover: Outer Space

Lee and Vic weren’t the only ones to love Australian Geographic’s Discover: Outer Space… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Take a trip through the stars and discover everything about our night sky in Australian Geographic’s Discover: Outer Space! This book is the ideal reference for children aged 5-8 with a passion for everything celestial. Jam-packed full of little known interesting facts like how stars are formed, what’s involved with landing on the moon, how to be an astronaut and more, it’s sure to capture every kid’s imagination.

My niece was surprised to learn that The Milky Way was not named after the chocolate bar!

Discover Outer Space is part of a larger series of books by Australian Geographic designed especially for kids! They are the perfect addition to any home library and a great resource for all of those school projects! Be sure to check out the entire series. There are 11 books to collect.

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