Fraser Island Great Walk and The Kingfisher Bay Resort

The stunning Fraser Coast World Heritage Area is the setting for the Fraser Island Great Walk that winds its way between Dilli Village and Happy Valley and takes in some incredible scenery. You’ll discover picturesque beaches, pristine perch lakes, ancient rainforest and plenty of friendly fauna.

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The Fraser Island Great Walk is 90 kilometres and takes around six days to complete.  You’ll need to be completely self-sufficient and take everything with you on this trek – looking after everything from your food, water and hiking gear to your accommodation, if you choose to camp.

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If you prefer a little more comfort after your hike – or a smaller, more manageable walk – leave your trip in the hands of the experts at Kingfisher Bay Resort. They can arrange everything for a hiking holiday including transport, lunch packs and accommodation.

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The Kingfisher Bay Resort is a luxury five star resort, with a beautiful swimming pool, bar and the Seabelle Restaurant which is features unique Australian Cuisine involving native fauna and flora such as Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile.

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Kingfisher Bay Resort


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