Get up-close and personal with Tangalooma Whales

Every day between June and October, Tangalooma Island Resort offers whale watching cruises that depart Brisbane and the island itself. They last about 3 hours and offer visitors the most incredible animal close encounter.


Tangalooma has a long history with humpback whales. Back in the fifties it was the largest shore base whaling station in the southern hemisphere. After ten years of whaling the population of whales had dropped to a few hundred, but the animals have been protected since the mid-1960s. Now the population is in the tens of thousands.


Whale watching cruises depart Brisbane and the Moreton Island and guests can turn a day trip to Tangalooma into a weekend by staying overnight at Tangalooma Island Resort.


The beautiful beach front resort has a range of accommodation from hotel rooms and houses, cosy villas and right up to luxury apartments with terrific views over the bay.


The resort offers a range of activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and many more animal close encounters.

RACQ members can get discounts on a range activities including cruises, scuba diving and much more.

Tangalooma Island Resort


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