Just One Wish by Rachael Johns

Vic and Chris weren’t the only ones to love Just One Wish by Rachael Johns… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

Bestselling author Rachael Johns is very good at telling women’s stories – and Just One Wish is a prime example of that.

Just One Wish follows three very different women. First, there’s 30-year-old Ged, who’s in a happy relationship and adores her dog, Coco. Then, there’s her mum Sappho – an advocate for being a ‘Happy Happy Housewife’. Apparently, women lost their way in our quest to have it all, and what we really need is to rediscover meaning in the home.

Finally, there’s Alice, Ged’s grandmother – scientist, feminist, activist, and about to celebrate her 80th birthday. Alice decides she’s taking her daughter and granddaughter on an impromptu cruise – and what follows will change their lives forever.

Johns deftly weaves a timely and instantly relatable novel about family, feminism, sexuality, and the complex lives and relationships of women.

– Sarah, Buyer


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