‘Keeping Up Appearances’ by Tricia Stringer

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ by Tricia Stringer … Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Written by beloved bestselling author Tricia Stringer comes the delightful new novel “Keeping Up Appearances” – a story that examines female friendship, buried secrets, and why honesty is (usually) the best policy.

Privacy is hard to maintain in Badara, the kind of small Australian town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. As tension simmers, Paige, Briony, and Marion are going to need more than CWA sausage rolls and can-do community spirit to put things right. Keeping up appearances may no longer be an option for anyone …

This incredible book is honest, raw, and full of practical wisdom and dry humour. With its engaging characters and storyline, once you enter this fictional world and meet the beautiful people inside, you will be reluctant to leave!

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