Luna Ceramics

For thousands of years, humans have been creatively crafting ceramics into exquisite vessels for serving food, it’s one of the earliest forms of artistic expression; at Luna ceramics in Windsor, that tradition lives on in the hands of ceramicist, Lisa Russell. From bakeries in Do’ah, to food stylists in Sweden, Lisa’s work is renowned by culinary connoisseurs across the globe. 

When I first stepped into Lisa’s studio, I was completely absorbed with the earthy tones and elegant simple design, there’s such a beautiful aesthetic to all her pieces. Everything Lisa creates is handcrafted with love, taking all her pieces from design, to hand spinning on the wheel, and being twice kiln fired and glazed; it takes up to two weeks for a single piece to be finished!  

 The best way to see Lisa’s work is on her Instagram, @lunaceramics, you can also direct message her to order any of her pieces. 

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