Meet William McInnes

William McInnes – Aussie heartthrob, acclaimed author, has now added another memoir, of sorts, to his stellar published portfolio.

Fatherhood details yarns, tales and the tribulations of playing dad to two kids, as well as William’s own interactions with his father.

It’s William’s 10th book, and one that he says was very “opening and affecting” on him.

“…it’s sort of lovely to understand when you remember your father wasn’t just some old coot who would yell at the TV occasionally, he was a really decent, kind man,” William says.

Despite living south nowadays, William remains a proud Queenslander, having grown up in Redcliffe! He tells stories of watching the mighty Dolphins play at what now stands as the Redcliffe Showgrounds. Spending hours at the old Roller drome, and meandering meaninglessly up and down the foreshore, lazily gazing out to Stradbroke, Bribie and Moreton Bay. In fact, there are a few Redcliffe tales in Fatherhood.

You can find our full chat with William McInnes below/on our Facebook page, as well as a couple of little Redcliffe gems, that he treats us to.

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