My Queensland: Nu Nu Restaurant boasts ‘ultimate beachfront dining’

Jason Rowbottom and chef Nick Holloway are co-owners of Nu Nu Restaurant at Palm Cove, north of Cairns.

Rowbottom says its beachfront location is one of the premium restaurant spots in Australia, if not the world.

He and his family relocated to Queensland’s tropical north from Melbourne, and the Nu Nu team quickly made a mark on the local restaurant scene.

“The charm of Palm Cove is probably actually what attracted me the most, that it’s just a little village,” he said. “It has that quaintness that you can walk around from one end of town to the other in 10 minutes.

“It’s a real sense of community, in all of Cairns. It doesn’t matter where you go, we’ve got this common bond, we love the tropics, the heat, the lifestyle. it’s laid back.”

Holloway is a highly regarded chef who creates what’s been described as a vibrant menu that draws on the area’s rich diversity of fresh produce–from the sea to the tablelands.

Everything from bread to jam is handmade at Nu Nu. You won’t find many things coming out of a can.

For aspiring chefs, Nu Nu is a go-to place to get ahead in North Queensland restaurant kitchens, with its focus on modern contemporary cooking.

For diners, a meal at Nu Nu is a feast for all the senses.

You can find Nu Nu Restaurant at 1 Veivers Road, Palm Cove

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