Noosa Summer Swim

Noosa is famous for so many things but none more so than sun, sand and sea and come February, Noosa Main Beach hosts an event that combines all three. It’s the Noosa Summer Swim Festival.

The festival will see over 2500 swimmers take to the crystal-clear waters and this year celebrates its tenth birthday!

Olympic medalist Kareena Lee is no stranger to this event. She’s the 2021 champion.

“It’s still one of my favourite places to race in the world,” Kareena said. “Here at Noosa I’ve swum with turtles and dolphins and it’s just incredible.”

Kareen thinks for anyone unfamiliar with ocean swimming, this might just be the event to trial.

“Majority of the time it’s like swimming in a pool anyway it’s nice and flat, it’s the perfect place for someone who has never done an ocean swim before.”

So what exactly is the difference between ocean water swimming versus the pool? The obvious factors like swell and the natural elements of course, but you might be surprised to know it can actually be easier.

“The salt water to begin with, that gives you a little bit more buoyancy so it’s actually easier than swimming in a pool which is really nice,” Kareena explained.

Event entries close on 17th February, or of course if you’re only spectating, just rock up on the day.

From racing to relaxation, post swim your body will have worked hard and will need a little pampering.

Ikatan Spa’s Katrina Thorpe knows pampering.

“The basis is everyone leaves their troubles outside. Come here, let us just nurture you and send you home a lot more relaxed,’ Katrina said. “It’s more about calming the body, then that help with mental health, it helps with physical health, and emotional health so that’s really what it encompasses.”

According to Katrina, men are really enjoying more facials lately, and Ikatan Spa’s facials are unlike any other.

“Here it’s all about nurturing, calming the body, aromatherapy so we do a lot of massage in your facial so while something’s on your face, we’re be massaging your head, while a peel is on your skin, we’ll be massaging your arms and hands, we don’t leave the room while our clients are having treatments, it’s continual massage and that’s because we’re about nurturing and wellness and you can’t beat human touch for that.”

The last thing you’ll feel like doing after your treatment is driving home again, and luckily Metzo Noosa Holiday Apartments aren’t far.

Choose from one, two or three bedroom apartments all within walking distance to world class dining, boutique shopping and of course Noosa Lake and the beach. That’s if you can tear yourself away from the accommodation’s amazing pool of course.

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