Norfolk Island: A Gem in the Pacific

Nestled in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand lies Norfolk Island – a place of unspoiled beauty and rich history. A place where palm trees give way to the native towering pines.

The island’s heritage is as diverse as its landscape. Norfolk’s history is like an exotic layer cake, each layer representing a different chapter in its story. From the Polynesians to British colonizers, and even descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers – it’s an exotic mix!

The island has around 2000 residents, and countless free-range cattle, who have the right of way on the streets!

The community is deeply connected to its past and passionate about preserving its traditions. Drop into Cyclorama – a 360-degree mural wrapping visitors in the story of Bounty rebellion.

Try your hand at basket weaving at the Golden Orb Cafe. Or simply stop by and sample their delicious menu. Slick & Sons – purveyors of ethically sourced meats and fine pantry staples. Alastair McLeod’s tip – try the Irish pork sausages!

What you may not know about Norfolk – is that it’s home to possibly the world’s most remote and uncrowded surf breaks. Utter paradise for those chasing the ultimate wave. The island’s natural beauty extends underwater, with pristine snorkelling spots and a vibrant marine life. The protected water of Emily Bay is the perfect place for children to have their first snorkelling experience. The National Park offers incredible walks, and the chance to spy its diverse birdlife.

Norfolk’s charm isn’t just in its landscapes; it’s also in its people. Locals like Kurt Menghetti, a master of fire cooking at The Homestead Restaurant, and PJ Wilson of Tea Shire Drive who guides visitors through the island’s lush forests by horse-drawn carriage.

Norfolk Island is more than just a destination; it’s a place that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re drawn to its natural wonders, rich history, or warm hospitality, it offers an unforgettable experience. It has the perfect mix for a wonderful family holiday, but there’s so much more for those who are looking for a wild adventure!

The gorgeous folks at Norfolk Island Visitor Information Centre offer great advice about where to stay, eat and play on the island.


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