On Yer Bike

Samford Valley, only 30 minutes’ drive from Brisbane’s CBD, is a great escape for the adventurous, lovers of the outdoors, and… mountain bikers. 


You’re spoiled for choice, whether you want to carve it up – or you’re just starting out. Samford Conservation Park is threaded with a network of 9 trails and a total of 19kms to ride. There are some punishing trails for the die-hards – but the hardest part will be deciding when to quit. 


In the past few years, a hard-core cycling sport called Enduro has boomed in popularity. What is Enduro? Well, think of it as a mix of cross country and mountain biking. You get 6 hours to do 5 timed stages. You start at the bottom of a hill and make your way up, progressing through each of the five stages. Whoever has the best time goes home a champion! 


If you’re looking for the perfect bike to start out with – or looking to upgrade – Pushys has got you sorted.


Pushys is Australia’s leading online bike retailer with a comprehensive range of premium bikes. Road, mountain or BMX – if you’re keen to cycle, they’ve got you covered.


To see all the options, spin your wheels over to pushys.com.au


Pushys has also partnered with a few international stars in the sport – including Sian Ahearn, recent winner of the female National Downhills, and Jack Moyer who won the EWT, the International Enduro World Series.

So, if you want to try your hand at enduro or mountain biking, check out the Kombi Trail at Samford Conservation Park – a great option for beginners. 

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