“Perfect-ish” by Jessica Seaborn

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “Perfect-ish” by Jessica Seaborn… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Written by debut author Jessica Seaborn comes a crisp, amusing, and fast-paced read that demands a place on your bookshelf. QBD Book Lovers, get ready for “Perfect-ish”.

This heartfelt anti-romcom follows Prue. On the cusp of turning thirty, she feels like everyone else is living their best life. While her friends are consumed in exciting travel plans, romantic relationships, and newborn babies, Prue is struggling to recover from a failed engagement, an abandoned university degree, and a job that only seems to highlight how truly alone she feels. As she finds the courage to make real changes in her life, setting three (rather ambitious) goals to achieve before her milestone birthday, she soon realises that there’s a difference between seeming to have a perfect life and finding your own perfect-ish life.

From the very first page, this wonderful title feels like a warm hug reminding us that being far from picture-perfect is perfectly okay. Whether you’re on the cusp of thirty like Prue or just love a great fiction book, we couldn’t recommend “Perfect-ish” highly enough!

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