Pots and Pans to… Ponies!

There’s no argument:  WEEKENDER’s resident kitchen whiz, Alastair McLeod, has the cutest sous chef around in his 3-year old princess, Clancy.

But while Dad and daughter reign in the kitchen, Clancy and her Mum, Ashleigh, share a much different interest.

Having introduced a Shetland pony called Wallace to their Samford property, Ash and Al signed Clancy (and Wally) up for the Samford Golden Valley Pony Club.

Getting a pony safely to his first pony club lesson is easy when you have the right vehicle and the right equipment.

The Isuzu M-UX is a great family car that comes with handy features, ideal for towing trailers, caravans – even horse floats.

Equipped with a rear-view camera for easy connection between trailer/float and vehicle; great suspension; and a 3-tonne towing capacity, the Isuzu M-UX handles towing jobs with ease. Plus, the “Trailer Sway Control” feature is standard on these SUVs, meaning a safe and smooth ride for everyone.

The Samford Golden Valley Pony Club is a great place to learn the finer arts of horse-riding – including dressage. showjumping, gymkhanas and general horsemanship.

Teaching would-be riders at a tender age – like little Clancy – gives them a firm grounding in concentration, skill-learning and, importantly, respect for an animal and responsibility for its care.  Expert instructors are on hand to make sure the experience is always safe, informative and fun.

The Samford Golden Valley Pony Club celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020 – and is ready to welcome new riders of any age or experience.

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