Kingfisher Bay Resort Activities

Kingfisher Bay Resort is the gateway to all the world heritage wonders on Fraser Island. It offers guests a range of tours that take in the island’s most beautiful spots.

But for those wanting to keep busy at the resort, there’s plenty to do. Guests can enjoy a Segway tour that explores the western beach. Highlights include spotting solider crabs and learning how the traditional owners used coffee rock to construct fish traps.

There is also a range of walking tours that includes a bush tucker walk around the grounds of the resort.

A popular addition to the walk is the ‘bush tucker talk and taste’. With the help of an expert Kingfisher chef, guests can sample a range of locally sourced nuts, fruits and berries. And enjoy them with BBQ’d kangaroo, crocodile and smoked emu jerky.

The Island Day Spa has a terrific menu of treatments for those wishing to relax. And couples can book the couples suite which means they can relax together.

A stay at Kingfisher Bay Resort is a terrific way to enjoy all the world heritage wonder of Fraser Island.

There’s a big selection of accommodation to suit all budgets. To learn more, head to their website.

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