Rise of the Mythix by Anh Do

Vic and Chris weren’t the only ones to love Rise of the Mythix… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

In a world just a little like our own, the Soul Collector is all powerful.  He holds the three objects that give him ultimate power.  He can paint a person and steal their soul at the same time.

His evil but blindly loyal Kingdom Guard can see all. Social media is used to find anyone who does not seem happy or a bit different, so they can be Collected.

Kelly is a waitress at a supermarket called Clydes. Her secret: she is fast and strong, and she has a strange new lump on her forehead. Her speed and her lump draw the attention of the Kingdom Guard. Her mother is taken away to the Soul Collector and Kelly, now sporting a unicorn horn, is on the run.  With the help of her new-found powers — and from the most unlikely people — she manages to stay out of the grasp of the bad guys, but only just.

With glances back in time to the great super heroes of the ’50s and ’60s, and the old Trigan Empire strips in Look and Learn magazine, this is a terrific, page-turning adventure for kids and young adults.

This is the first part of a three-part series in which the Mythix (a unicorn, a minotaur, and a griffin) will team up to fight evil and injustice.

– David from Woden


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