Scenic Rim’s Clydesdale Spectacular

The Clydesdale horse is majestic, regal and powerful. In fact, they’re one of the largest horse breeds in the world.

So when it comes to a festival celebrating these gentle giants, it’s safe to say it’s going to be BIG!

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular is on at the Boonah Showgrounds in June.

It celebrates these mighty workhorses and a few of their mini cousins, in the richest show of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Boonah is a fitting stage for such a festival with strong ties to the breed.

“This region has had a lot of small farming and the Clydesdale horses were the ones that helped break up the soil and make farming possible in this area,” said Clydesdale horse owner Terry O’Brien. “They did everything from mowing the grass to raking the grass to pulling the wagon as the grass became hay.”

So where do the Shetlands fit into it all?

Well like the Clydesdale, they were bred in Scotland to be a workhorse so share that same draft horse structure.

I suppose you could even say that ratio-wise they’re just a teeny tiny little Clydesdale!

Across the festival, you’ll see ancient trades on display from whip cracking to harness making, blacksmithing and even the art of Clydesdale plaiting.

During the festival, Grand Champions of the breed are judged and need to look their very best so their tails and manes get the treatment with some colour too of course.

With the Clydesdale breed hailing from Scotland, the Spectacular draws a proudly Celtic crowd.

That means, tartan, bagpipes, stalls selling Scottish wares and the chance to try a Haggis pie!

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from various sheep offal. Don’t let that turn you off though, it’s surprisingly tasty!

Check out the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular at the Boonah Showgrounds on the 12-13 June 2021.

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